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Welcome to My Blog!

I am Grethel and this is encoded Frequency the online community where we can learn, grow and connect together...

I begin to see angels, aliens, spirits and all kinds of beings out of the blue. I started drawing them, I wanted to tell people that this is what I see. What is this?. then I found out that I was not going crazy that in the whole world there were many people like me.

It was just different, he could see beyond what was established in a "Normal". So I prepared myself to understand my own phenomenon. I had studied psychology in college, then studied to be an English teacher, Reiki, channeling, akashic records, galactic astrology. I also studied galactic holistic healing, biomagnetism, NLP certification coach, and I'm still studying.

I have worked giving therapy, healing since 2016 and encoded frequency was born as a platform to share my art, learn, connect and now it has become my profession.

I hope it is until it is destined to be a place where organically we all grow and create a spiritual community.

I hope you enjoy this space created with so much love and dedication.


Subscribe if you feel guided to my work. Feel free to explore the art and services.

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