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❄️ Soothing light language healing transmission with BlueRay Codes❄️

Are you struggling with the energy?

Then I encouraged you take 20 minutes and recharge yourself with gentleness and nourishment ❄️💧✨

~❄️ Equinox Healing~Activation ~❄️AA Michael blue ray and gold ray purification Guided Journey ❄️- Part 2 Blue Ray Healing

~🌷I invite you today to feel a closer connection to the divine through the blue-ray connection combined with the golden ray light language.

~🌷After this transmission of soothing light language, you'll be much more aware of your soul’s connection and at the same time, we will guide you to infuse unconditional love for you, as your bond with them grows and deep relaxation and healing.

About Encoded Frequency :

Encoded frequency is a place where we can all learn to express ourselves and create with the language of light. Join me on this journey and awaken the light that is within you.

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❄️We will start the Equinox Activations virtual workshop the 20th ❄️

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