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Archangel Healing Meditation Pack

Archangel Healing Meditation Pack

Hey there

How would you like to get new Angel Meditations ?


Soothe and still the mind 

To listen to your inner guidance above and beyond any external input sources as you heal So to offer some inspiration and to help you reconnect with the love and brilliance within ...

I just recorded 12 awesome guided meditations created with the energy of the Archangels and they are so healing you will feel hold in the heavens only for $39.99
The spirit of God is within you, and when you meditate  you are surrendering the demands of human will to the presence of divine will.
Light language Meditation is a process that steady the mind in order to facilitate sacred healing and growth. 
When you meditate with the energy of the Archangels You will order your thinking and therefore your mind.
 As we heal the broken and wounded places that exist in our hearts and minds, we grow mentally and emotionally. Mediation is, therefore, a tool for growth.
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    if after 24 hours yuor have not received the material please contact us

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