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Constellation Light Code | transmuting a soul family Karma

Constellation Light Code | transmuting a soul family Karma


This is a psychic reading in which I channel your soul through an image that comes from your subconscious that imprints us on your soul contract. The purpose is to dissolve and transmute a symptom that has caused a karmic legacy in the family.

I will need your problem to resolve and I will channel your guides to request an update of the karmic soul contract. We will open the Akashic record and review lives in which a family dynamic was anchored.

Reading of the past, the present and the future if nothing changes?

What it Needs to be revealed?

What creates the symptom?

What is helping to dissolve the symptom?

What is the solution?

Spiritual guidance from your team

What you will receive:

The reading includes a reading of the letter before birth and the life project. It is delivered by mail along with the image in a 7x9 inches 333ppi format.

Delivery time depends on demand.

Message me if you have any questions

I will need your birthday, and pictures of you and your Symptom to transmute. I will work on the astral with your team and in the reading I will give a report back and guidance for your spirit guides

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