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Twin Flame Alchemy Meditation Workshop

Twin Flame Alchemy Meditation Workshop


The twin flame journey is a beautiful process we all want to receive with joy, but sometimes we get stuck in our beliefs or limited thinking. In this Light Language Meditation Package, I intend to learn to identify where my blocks are to align myself in the alchemy of the purest and mightiest love.


The program will consist of 8 channeled classes and four meditations where every day, we can receive guidance from the twin flame council to start this year full of love.

I invite those who are drawn to this twin flame journey through online videos; all modules will be delivered via email. I am adding video recording channelings & meditations, and the intention is to expand our terminology on what is a twin flame.


This Light Language meditation package is designed to enhance the journey of twin flames and will help you identify where your blocks are to align yourself in the alchemy of the purest and mightiest love.


Grethel developed these due to her experience as a twin flame with a soul mate who turned out not to be her mirror and teacher of life. In this video package, you will learn to identify where your blocks are so they can be released, along with four guided meditations sent via email every day. The program will consist of channeled classes and meditations every day where we can receive guidance from your Spirit Guides.


We all know that love is the most powerful energy in the universe, so why wait? Start this year full of love and learn to identify your blocks. Our twin flame journey is only complete with these teachings and meditations. You can now be a part of this band of brothers or sisters on a twin flame journey.

  • Twin Flame The door of love Introduction.
  • Twin Flame Initiation Gateway - Channeling.
  • Purification of the Twin Flame of Sacred Fire - Channeling.
  • Realization and Manifestation of Twin Flames - Channeling.
  • Twin Flame Cleanse Karma to Recalibrate All Relationships - Channeling.
  • Twin flame healing the inner child - Channeling.
  • Twin Flame Vibrational Alignment: Channeling.
  • Union Sacred Twin Flame - Channeling.


  • Meditation: Honoring the goddess.
  • Meditation: Sacred Uterus.
  • Meditation: Divine Activation.
  • Meditation: Identity, clarify, release, and purify toxic relationships.


If you have any questions, let us know.

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