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Deep Cleansing Session | Shadow, Karma, Attachments

Deep Cleansing Session | Shadow, Karma, Attachments


This service is a 1-hour healing session of the technique of your choosing to manifest something dear to your heart while removing abundance blocks.

For some of us, we need a breakthrough, whether replacing a damaged home, a broken-down car or a car that is barely working, or appliances to live our best lives.

Whatever it is, this session will help you to heal any abundance of blockages standing in your way.

And it will help uplift your energy and vibrations so that you resonate like a magnet with what you are trying to attract.

I will work remotely/distance or in-person to help you heal the abundance of blocks standing in your way.

You can also choose to have this session in person, knowing that your responsibility is the fee for my travel to you.

We are in our financial statuses due to our actions or inability to act, or sometimes due to hereditary contracts or generational curses.

This service is to help you uplift those beliefs/pacts that act as hooks or negative attachments to get you moving forward.While Light Language Healing will help deal with attachments to the soul.

Whatever you feel drawn to, we can use that healing vehicle. Or it can be a combination of all.


If you have any questions, let us know.

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