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Drawing & Session | Spiritual Art | Light LanguageArt

Drawing & Session | Spiritual Art | Light LanguageArt

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My Soul, Guide, Angelic or Galactic Portrait - that will represent the Higher self and the lineage of the light.


This Drawing & Session is a unique digital art experience that combines creative expression with spiritual guidance. Through this offering, participants will explore their inner selves and gain insight into their life's purpose through the power of art.


This one-of-a-kind process will guide you on an introspective journey, allowing you to create a beautiful drawing that represents your inner truth. Each session is customized to the individual and facilitated by a certified spiritual art guide. Unlock your inner wisdom and express yourself through this empowering Drawing & Session.


during the messaghe that comes with the reading you will have a present energetic reading and a message that will advise you for the near future. Or related to a question (s) you asked me.


The art will encoded a higher frequency that will stream higher vibration in the space as you print it. This is a personalized cartoon portrait that you can use for your Light Work business; it can also promote your services and goods and help you increase your sales.


Each Drawing is encoded with light that will activate a combo of frequencies that will decode your Soul Light into a new level.


This great marketing tool can be used all over social media, giving you a unique way to show yourself for Soul Gift or reconnect with your essence.

Let go and stand out, glowing light!

How it works:


Place your order, send pics of yourself and information about your profession and details.


After a few weeks, you will receive your first sketch to make adjustments and changes a needs.

After a few weeks, depending on the demand, you will receive your Soul Cartoon Avatar for your Business by email in a printable format.


Includes a written reading with the drawing/channel. You can ask your questions for a reading.


The drawing have a a period of delivery that will depend on the demand it can be between 4 or 6 weeks. contact me for a more specific timeframe.


For the drawing I will need a picture of you, your birthday to acvcess your akashic records, the intention for the drawing  and your quesions for yuor spirit guides if you have.


If you have any questions, please let us know.


Encoded frequency holds the publishing rights.

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