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Encoded frequency Grid Group 22 22

Encoded frequency Grid Group 22 22


 Embark on a Journey of Light and Evolution with Encoded Frequency Grid Group 22 22


After a Dream Revelation My Higher Self Guided my to create this pathway that I am inviting you to join with me.


I am so excited to introduce you to the transformative experience of the "Encoded Frequency Grid Group 22 22."


This is not just a group; it is a sacred journey of discovery, illumination, and unity—an opportunity to actively participate in the evolution of our beloved Gaia and lay the foundation for a radiant path to New Earth.


A Journey of Light Work and Grid Building:


Encoded Frequency Grid Group 999 is your portal to a profound voyage through the realms of light work and the construction of vortices that enliven Gaia's very essence. Together, we unite our energies to weave a vibrant tapestry of frequencies, building the conduits that guide us toward the glorious dawn of a new era.


Mission and Purpose:

Our mission is simple yet potent: We invite you to be an integral part of a collective dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. Actively grow in your own light by connecting, learning, and fostering a community that radiates support for Mother Earth's journey toward peace and harmony. The "Encoded Frequency Grid Group 22 22" beckons you to step into your spiritual mastery—a calling that resonates deeply within your soul.


Join the Sacred Circle:

We extend an open invitation to all who feel the call to serve as guardians of Gaia's ascension. By becoming a member of the "Encoded Frequency Grid Group 22 22," you will immerse yourself in a transformational journey that ignites your inner light. Your active participation, shared wisdom, and compassionate energy will contribute to the realization of a peaceful planet.


Your Path of Evolution:

Our sacred gatherings take place on the last Friday of each month at 4:30 pm PST via Zoom. For 90 minutes, we will unite as a community to receive the insights and energy report for the month ahead, lovingly channeled by Grethel. The heart of our session unfolds in a 45-minute channeling activation—a potent endeavor that resonates through the grid work, infusing it with divine intent and purpose.


Membership Details:

To answer the call, take the step forward. Membership in the "Encoded Frequency Grid Group 22 22" is a commitment to your own growth and the planet's evolution. The exchange for this transformative journey is $22.222USD per month.


To embark on this sacred path, sign up for the journey of light and unity at

We will start during the 22/9/23 Equinox

Your Graceful Opportunity:

If you've been seeking a way to actively engage in Earth's healing and evolution through your light work, the "Encoded Frequency Grid Group 22 22" is the space you've been waiting for. Together, we embrace the spiritual mastery of our souls and co-create a harmonious planet.


Embrace the journey. Embrace the light. Embrace the unity. Join us in the "Encoded Frequency Grid Group 22 22" and be part of the radiant future we are weaving together.

In Radiant Unity and Purpose.


Meetings: Monthly forecast, we will have a codes for the Month and instructions to create your grid

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