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Starseed Chart & Blueprint Activation code

Starseed Chart & Blueprint Activation code

$111.11 Regular Price
$88.89Sale Price

Galactic Soul Chart Report interprets your natal chart and offers suggestions on how to best utilize the energies with which you were born. I believe that when we incarnate on this Earth, the precise moment we are born is marked with all the information about our soul.


A Soul Blueprint is a compilation of this information.


When we make an effort to discover this knowledge and get to know ourselves at the soul level, it is easier to make decisions, understand why we act, think, and feel the way we do, and align ourselves with the purpose and gifts of our soul that we were.


This code brings a short report that explains the names of the galaxy races most connected with this life according to your akashic records; a brief description that traces the plane of your soul can help you bring some parallel lives around the galaxy.

This code will be an image taken from your Akashic record inspired by some aspects. The code will be delivered by mail in digital form within a period of up to few days.

Grethel will need your photo and date of birth, and any intention or question will be revealed in his Galatian Soul report.

You can ask a maximum of 5 questions for your higher self to answer. As a complement, this galactic report of the soul will bring guided meditations that will help you to reactivate constantly.


If you have any questions, let us know.

Encoded Frequency holds all the publishing rights.

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