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Christ Consciousness Meditation Pack

Christ Consciousness Meditation Pack

$38.88 Regular Price
$31.10Sale Price

Set free your inner child today as you relax into the language of the light, free yourself, re-energize as you bring inner peace, calm your mind, and let Yeshua connect with you. I will share my heart and Soul through this pack of Guided meditations with Master Yeshua.

  1. Healing the Inner child with Yeshua.
  2. Healing the Divine Masculine - New levels of Divinity.
  3. Healing the Divine Masculine - Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.
  4. Divine Blessing of the Golden Light with Yeshua.
  5. Diamond light Activation with Yeshua.
  6. Diamond Healing Sacred Codes.
  7. Womb Healing with Mary Magdalene.
  8. Mary Magdalene & Yeshua - Purity, Grace, and Christ Consciousness Activation.
  9. Balance, Heal and Integrate Your Divine Masculine Energetic/Frequency Meditation.
  10. Healing & Balancing Your Masculine & Feminine Energy.
  11. Health & Immunity Boosting Hypnosis | Anti-COVID with Yeshua.


Bonus webinar - Class - HEALING: How To Heal Your Masculine And Feminine Energies, channeling Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, where I drop in and walk you through how to heal your masculine and feminine energies.
The link to access will be provided in a period of 24 hours. Contact us any quesitons

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