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Higher self alignment 9x11 inches 300ppi

Higher self alignment 9x11 inches 300ppi


Light Language Code Digital Art Prints! Here, you'll discover a collection of carefully crafted creations, each encoded with intricate light codes that carry profound energy and meaning. These digital artworks are more than just images; they are gateways to transformation and higher frequencies.

Activation of Energy: When you choose one of our pre-designed light code creations, you're not just acquiring art – you're tapping into its inherent power. With every purchase, we activate the image's unique codes, infusing it with the energy it holds. Even though it's not custom-tailored, it still packs a significant punch of energy and intention. The moment your purchase is complete, the download option becomes available, allowing you to swiftly embrace this radiant energy.


A Note on Sharing: We cherish the energy within each creation and kindly ask you to respect its power. While you're welcome to share your experience on social media, we request that you use the version with our watermark. This helps preserve the integrity of the energy and the intent behind these codes.


Digital Delight: Our Light Code art is offered exclusively in digital format. This means you can explore its intricate details, vibrant colors, and transformative energy from the comfort of your digital devices.


True Colors, True Experience: Please note that colors might vary slightly due to differences in monitor settings. However, the true essence and energy embedded within each code remain constant, offering a consistent and profound experience.

Copyright and Ownership: Each artwork is a testament to the creative energy of Encoded Frequency, and we're delighted to share it with you. However, it's important to remember that the copyrights and all rights associated with the art remain with us. Your purchase grants you the artwork itself, not the rights to reproduce or distribute it.


Step into the realm of Light Language Code Digital Art Prints and embark on a journey of transformation, intention, and energetic resonance. Discover the power of codes, the elegance of digital art, and the boundless potential for higher frequencies.


Thank you for being part of this luminous journey.

With light and gratitude,

Encoded Frequency ✨"

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