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Light Code Personalized | Twin Love / Love

Light Code Personalized | Twin Love / Love

$68.88 Regular Price
$58.88Sale Price

The Light Codes of the star beings are patterns of ascended light that, through love, reflect a harmonized portrait of your aura with an intention as a holographic photo of your ascended aura that flowed through the channeling of Grethel, which collects the information of your higher self with an intention that you choose so that when you meditate with it, you activate it.

The codes of light are patterns that harmonize your chakras, each one has a different intention, and each one has its specific frequency, which you can feel as you allow your heart to open more and more each time you visualize it or meditate with The light code transmissions are sacred; some include sacred geometry or abstract designs, but each code has multiple layers of frequencies and meanings.

The Love light code will work directly through your love frequency to increase and amplify it.

The code will be received 48 hours after the purchase in digital form.



- Please do not share. If you wish to share it on social media, then you can use the image with the watermark on it. 

- This Light Code art includes digital printing only.

- Colors may vary from monitor to true color (actual digital artwork).


Copyright for all artwork © 2022 Encoded Frequency. All rights are reserved and are not transferred with the sale. 



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