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Magic Energetic Tool

Magic Energetic Tool



Get your magic tool now! When you purchase this digital art piece, you are going to receive the magical tool which will be activated by your guides according to your intention. The magical tool can be chosen by you or request whatever will serve you the most. This isn't just an image it will benefit you on cresting a deep connection between your psychic gifts and you as a light worker. The purpose is to expand your energetic body and the image will represent the color or your aura and the energetic process you can use to reactivate your body of light and DNA over and over.


Each drawing is personalized according to the person who is meant to, for this Grethel will need the date of birth, photo and intention of the person; make sure you have the right intention when ordering.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Encoded Frequency holds all the publishing rights.

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