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Mini Reading & Channeling

Mini Reading & Channeling


Mini - Reading - channeling Session


During this Zoom session we will take few minutes for you to let me know how I can assist you and whom would you like to be channeled for you. The sessions are in the perfect balance of powerful and soothing. 


The session will be in a reiki alike format, you can set your intention of questions and listen to the light language transmission as your team of guides will come to assist into the highest and best.


The intentions can be use for cleansing, Manifestation, upgrading you light, activating your gifts, realignment of your bodies, upgrading DNA, etc.


You can feel sleepy and extremely relaxed after.


Any further question please let me know, I will be happy to assist you

All of my gratitude Grethel

  • contact me to book your time & space

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