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Sacred Union - twin flame, sacred sexuality

Sacred Union - twin flame, sacred sexuality


I will give you a channeled portrait from the Spirit Guides to reveal how you looked, what features did you had.Took a look into your previous life. Past lives are important for your evolution. Receive hints from Spirit about your both personality in the past life. the lifestyle you two had, and some intuitive messages about the past. Twin Flame journey is a rare connection. See how your divine counterpart in your past life relationship.

During this 30 minute session via zoom, we will channel your team of spiritual guides regarding topics such as sacred sexuality, sacred union Kundalini, and twin flame Tantric practices. This session is for those who feel blocked in those topics described above and would like to receive a canalization about it. Many of you are going through quite a lot right now: everything from sexual issues to what may feel like "old" karmic relationships, kundalini raising, twin flame clarification, etc. 


A lot is going on, and we will dive into all of that, plus a whole lot more as we get set to do some work this Channeling with some talking, some teaching, some loving, and some Q and A., including the energy work. Also, as an introduction gift and for a limited time with restrictions, this service includes a drawing of the light (digital form by email delivered according to the demand).


The reading  will give insigths on your subconscious to undestand what can arise on your conscious and are based on my experience during this 7 years doing this drawing for couples or someone who want to find love. 


Encoded Frequency holds publishing rights to every image.
If you have any questions, please let us know.

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