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Solstice  Light Language Activation Pack

Solstice Light Language Activation Pack


We have a Solstice 7 Light language Activation Meditation 1 week course activation only from $77.77 with 50% discount only $38.88 dollars that you will receive 48 hours after the purchase. This mini activation course was channeled through the Council of Light and has 7 main activations.
Activation 1: Activate your Pillar of Light
Activation 2: Activate your Original Blueprint
Activation 3: Activation the Higher heart as a Stargate
Activation 4: Activation the Solstice diamond Grid of Light
Activation 5: Activation of Higher DNA
Activation 6: Activate the Diamond Multidimensional Light
Activation 7: Activate the Vortex of New earth.

This period of time where the planet opens a portal of the solstice of December 21 offers an incredible opening to the higher realms of Spirit that we can easily activate and anchor in harmony with the whole.

This is a deeply sacred moment for those who travel inward and reactivate your high light as during the winter solstice the energy of the plant creates a very powerful vortex of light to align and raise your frequency towards the Imastery of your soul.

This Solstice activation course is for those seekers who are focused on actively manifesting loving and stable relationships in the mastery of your high light, aligning yourself with lifestyles of greater vibrancy and prosperity ...

This is a time of greater potential for manifestation of a new life line where you are the co-creator in your fullest light.

You can access the gifts of expanded consciousness, higher levels of consciousness from the Divine Source and crystalline ascension light, you just have to acquire the activating course of the solstice and listen to it.

Daily medication and letting the light re-calibrate and lovingly guide you through the guidance of the council of light.

These activations are the most powerful and relaxing thing that I have channeled and I assure you that the benefits will be of creative value.

It will not only raise your vibration but you will cause higher energies through the language of light channeled by the council of light and at a gift price !!!

At this exact moment, waves of Divine Frequency and Crystal Diamond Light are entering!


The link to access the activation will be sent 48 hours after the purchase by email contact us any further questions

order is now!!!

  • any question please let us know

  • link to access will be sent by email 48 hours

  • after the purchase

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