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Starseed Codes Activation Workshop

Starseed Codes Activation Workshop

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This Workshop will be a meditative course through the language of light, During the solstice we will have a 3-day workshop called Solstice Starseed Codes Activations

During the solstice portal on June 20, 21 and 22 we will meet on zoom.

For 90 minutes each day we will Channel Solar Codes of the solstice to update the light bodies. Clear and Divinely Illuminate Your Mind.

During the 3 days the purpose it is to:

Day 1: Purify your Cellular body including all of the subtle bodies as you experience a prefound Light Language Clearing to harmonize and Rejuvenate Your Entire Being.

Day 2: The purpose will be to Rectify the Solar template of your highest Christ Light Consciousness and Reconnect with your 12 StarGates

Day 3: During the channeling you will be guided through the gateway of Solar Light into a New Timeline to embody your Starseed multi-dimensional Light Body.

During thie 3 days you can listen live or later in a playlist that you will have access to at the comfort of your own time. You will relax and listen to receive the Solar Light Template Upgrade to find Harmony, Co-creation and Love...

These Starseed codes Activations would support you in making a quantum jump into your highest vibration, and your true Soul Frequency, as starseed in alignment with your highest timeline,

You will receive an email 24 hours after the purchase with the Login details and playlist to access the material.

Any questions please let me know

Blessings Grethel

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