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Starseed Origin Reading

Starseed Origin Reading

$99.99 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price

The Reading will include a Light Code as Imprint of your Origin


Revelation of your star's origin point.

Activation of your soul's highest frequencies.

Understanding the threads of your karmic story.

Recognition of your earthly existence.

But here's the real cosmic marvel – we'll intertwine 7 lifetimes of wisdom to recalibrate and anchor your personal star seed blueprint.


So, how does this cosmic tale reach you?

Delivered right to your doorstep, experience your cosmic narrative through both written and video formats. As for timing, well, the stars align differently for everyone – delivery times depend on our waiting list.

Ever feel like you don't quite belong here? 👽 Unveil the mystery of your origin with our Starseed Origin Chart Reading!


Are you a Starseed? Do you know your cosmic roots?

Discover where you truly belong and embrace who you are. Say goodbye to feeling out of place. It's time to find your tribe!


✨ Embrace Your True Self

✨ End Alienation

✨ Find Your Cosmic Tribe


Records Reading.

Here's what's in store for you:

Discover Your Origin: Unearth the point of your star's origin.

Elevate Your Soul: Activate the highest frequencies of your soul.

Unravel Karma: Untangle the threads of your karmic story.

Embrace Your Earthly Self: Recognize your existence on Earth.

Weave Lifetimes: Experience the wisdom of 7 lifetimes, recalibrating and anchoring your personal star seed blueprint.

To craft your personal cosmic map, we'll need your birthdates, a photo, and at least 5 thought-provoking questions or intentions. The reading will be delivered by email,the time of delivery depend on the waiting list. Or we can meet in zoom.


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