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9 Starseed Galactic | Light Language Activations

9 Starseed Galactic | Light Language Activations



Unlock Your Galactic Light Transformation!

Get ready to experience a journey like no other with our best-selling course, now with an incredible 15% discount!  

This transformative course offers not just 1, but 9 guided journeys that will lead you towards a profound shift in your energy. With 9 carefully crafted PDF codes, you'll harness the power of light to ignite your inner potential. Don't miss out on this opportunity for growth and renewal. Ready to embrace your cosmic transformation?

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During this virtual workshop, you will receive nine guided journeys along with the code to download and activate within a week, creating a solid energetic field to initiate a shift in your galactic light.


Light codes sometimes manifest as perceptible light particles and sparkles, blissful sounds, tones, feelings sensations, patterns, or geometric symbols.


There are light codes that contain the Galactic blueprint of your soul's truth, transmitting vibrational information from higher dimensional beings, and there are light codes that replenish your inner joy, peace, and light.

A powerful series of vibrationally encoded activations brings forth an inviting connection with the highest frequencies of light to assist in rapid transformation and growth.

This service includes 9 Codes & Recordings for you to listen to, relax, and activate. Each code is individually matched to your specific journey, needs, and life path. It works its magic when looked at and meditated upon. Your visual center will transmit the information to the cellular and molecular structure of your body, enabling it to work with your DNA.


Code 1 - Shifting Timelines. Code

2 - New Beginnings: Light of the Divine Self. Code

3 - Expanding into Higher Light - Galactic Activation of the Language of Light. Code

4 - Powerful Light Language Activation. Code

5 - Healing Chamber with Gaia. Code

6 - Activation of the Sound of Your Soul. Code

7 - Clearing Timelines. Code

8 - Developing Clairvoyance. Code

9 - 12-Dimensional Upgrade - Renovation of Your Energy Field.



ach time you look at your code, more activations are happening, more signals are being sent to your system, and more releases and purifications are cleansing you. Even if you do not feel any physical or emotional effects right away, be sure that the code is working on you. Just allow it, open up to it, become curious like a kid, and relax into not knowing.


This service will be sent by email with full access and instructions. You will receive an email containing your codes and guided journeys for download and listening. Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery.


If you have any questions, let us know.

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