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Sacred Sexuality Reconciliation Workshop

Sacred Sexuality Reconciliation Workshop



Online Workshop | Sacred Sexuality Reconciliation


It's May 15𝘁𝗵 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗮 5 - day, Zoom - Online workshop | Sacred sexuality Innereconciliation 10.00 am PST, 1.00 pm Est, 7:00 CET time Zoom 


Themes we will Explore:


Day 1 |  | Initiation Channeled by the Sisterhood of the Rose | Releasing Sexual Trauma, From the Womb of our Month & throguh out timelines, lifetimes and contracts. Activation of the heavenly heart, seeds of love upon returning to the womb of Creation and introduction Channeled by Mary Magdalene. to support you in releasing sexual trauma, wonder and bring healing, surround yourself with love, compassion and forgiveness while being reminded that the force of love is more powerful than darkness, negativity and fear based energy.

Day 2 |  Sexual InnerReconciliation Channeled by Isis | Deep purification at all levels through the subtles bodies and starting on the subatomic quantum particles of you until the multidimentional selves. Sexuality: Holding the space by pouring out love by blessing the Womb as a Sacred space for Creation. Activating Seeds of Purity by Mary Magdalene.We will have a sexual atonement; Release of low frequencies, Sexual Distortions, Abuse of Memories, Destabilization of Distortions, cancellation of ancestral contracts of the conscious and unconscious channeled by María Magdalena. In this session, the transmission of the language of light will be particles of light and strands of divine love and frequency all around you. to support you in embodying a higher level of sacred love, greater joy and self-expression of love as a divine being in physical form.

Day 3 | Reprogramming your Sacredness Channeled by Mary Magdalenes | the space by pouring out love by blessing the Womb as a Sacred space for Creation. Activating Seeds of Purity by Mary Magdalene.Sustaining a Sacred Body by the Explosions of the mind, the Emotional body, the Physical body and the astral body activating its superior Sacred Path of Love. This will help you open your heart, you will be able to access the infinite source of divine love that is always present within you. Divine Union, the Divine Feminine meets the Divine Masculine to illuminate a path of love in oneself through an alignment that helps them to transmute and release old programming and patterns that no longer serve so that they can open up to Infinite Love.

Day 4 | Channeled by Christ Consciousness & Divine Mother | Quantum expansion from the multidimensional level to the molecular level anchoring love in the physical to match a higher love. The powerful force of love will recalibrate the frequency of love through you and the kundalini light energy circulating through your field will dissolve the blocks and distortions that prevent you from living your best life, so that you can rise in Love and Light to experience more of the Divine Truth available to you. you now.


Day 5 | Closing ceremony Channeled by Mary Magdalene | Healing the womb from your mom and installation & Activating your Sacred  Geometry through the Golden Rose Ray and seeding New dispensations energetically to embrace your energy as a Holy Grail as a sacred container in your core, with miraculous healing powers, sometimes providing rejuvenation and harmonizing the field. Questions and Answers.


The format of the online Workshop would be through zoom each call will be around 90 minutes each day, for 5 days.

All classes are recorded and the videos are available indefinitely on my website. When you buy, you receive i𝘮𝘮𝘦𝘥𝘪𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘢𝘤𝘤𝘦𝘴𝘴 a playlist with an introductory stream that includes a combo of 4 light Language meditations to complement your journey .


This is something that I have wanted to Create for a long time, while healing and during sessions with clients I have gained great experience in Sexual Energy. In addition to Channeling I have studied psychology for years and life led me to this moment.

In Divine Timing!!!


The Course will end on the full moon astronomical season the moon occurs in. And, after April's pink moon in Libra, the full moon is called — flower moon — and is expected to shine in the house of Scorpio. Which is the house number 8 and is associated with Sex, Intimacy, Relationships, Revelations, Tabu breaker, Rebirth, Transformation and Renewal. Which makes it in Divine timing.


I wanted to do it with the awareness that there is a very fine line between Sexuality and Vulgarity. From my centerness, I understand that we must discern when sharing the intimacy and sexual energy of ourselves with anyone.


In a sexual exchange one shares his Soul of him! Tantric ritual practices can be treated from the vulgarity or purity of the Being. the only difference it is our discernment and conscious awareness in how the sexual energy is exhanged, with whom and taking responsibility to honor our bodies in the process as the house of your Divinity.


The Body is sacred, every relationship is sacred, sexuality is sacred and the preservation of that temple of your spirit is something that develops. When growing up we did not have the structure, or it was distorted by abuse and disrespect to the body as the temple of your Being.


Love is the ingredient that keeps the body sacred and sensuality which is a powerful energy which focused on exalting you can be great to manifest, heal and awaken your mysticism at Quantum levels.


Any other question, let me know and have a blessed May.


with Gratitude Grethel

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