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Soul Contract Reading Code

Soul Contract Reading Code

$111.11 Precio
$88.89Precio de oferta

This is a psychic reading in which I channel your soul through an image that comes from your subconscious that imprints us on your soul contract. 12 codes are read that represent Balance at all levels.

The connection between body and soul.

The material resources and spiritual tools of the soul.

Type of lightworker.

Soul family connections

The passion of your soul, your happiness.

The life plan (work, profession)

Love Relationships

Your Karma or area of transformation

Essence of the soul

Magic Tool

Soul's collective Connections

The Soul's Revelation

What you will receive:

The reading includes a reading of the letter before birth and the life project. It is delivered by mail along with the image in a 7x9 inches 333ppi format.

Delivery time depends on demand.

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