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Soul Map  Code &  Reading or SPIRITUAL BUSSINESS

Soul Map Code & Reading or SPIRITUAL BUSSINESS

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Psychic Reading & SoulMap Code

The image of the code represents an Alignment with the Present, which I came to you in you in the future. The Psychic Reading comes through reading the Code. Also it is intuitively channeled with a which explains Messages from guides, and much more...

The readings come intuitively and are channeled by Grethel in a writing format with the channelled image in digital format and I came from higher self to higher self with the intention that the information shared be for the highest and highest good.

The code is a snapshot of your aura and what is vibrating when your soul dazzle your INNER UNIVERSE, at the same time to will unleash your own connection to receive guidance from Higher self and reactivate your Starseed blueprint as it comes with a playlist of guided meditations to spark through the language of the light your UNIVERSE.

* Energetic Presence reading,

* Energetic reading of the Future adjustment in the line of life.

* Element to rotate, Change, Transmute to align with your best lifeline.

* Advice from your guides to resolve Situation.

* Answer a specific question.

* Intuitive reading of the Essence of the Soul.

* Intuitive reading of the External.

* Intuitive reading of the against - blocks.

* Intuitive reading of the to repair.

* Intuitive reading of what is in favor.

* Intuitive reading of the near future, social status, family and friends.

* Intuitive reading of hopes and projects.

* Ultimate guidance from your Higher Self.

Encoded frequency hold the publishing rights

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