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Starseed Light Language Workshop

Starseed Light Language Workshop


"Access your Starseed Akashic Records" those who resonate the Galactic Heritage.

Each session of energetic transformation and access to your Akashic records will take place via Zoom, facilitating direct communion with the most pertinent star races of our time.

This comprehensive 12-week program offers a membership option with monthly payment plans for accessibility.

The times for the zoom calls are 9 am MST, 12:00 pm EST and 6:00 pm CET time. You will have a playlist to listen the recordings at the comfortability of your own time

Each session is meticulously crafted to immerse you in the unique light language of a specific star race, activating their frequencies within you

The Initiation: The collective

consciousness of Atlantis will guide you in anchoring your light through a new pathway.

The Hive Mind: Arcturians will offer insights into the grand tapestry of existence, enabling connection with your oversoul.

Pleiades: Experience a reprogramming transmission for accessing higher realms of consciousness.

Sirius: Receive a transmission for physical healing, fostering the evolution of a creative wellness center within yourself.

Orion: Engage in shadow work and deep transformation for spiritual cleansing.

Lyra: Realign and recalibrate your emotional body for greater harmony.

Andromeda: Embark on a journey to explore your multidimensional self.

Venus: Open your heart to the temples of love.

Vege: Anchor enlightenment by initiating DNA upgrades.

Antares: Delve into the exploration of the galactic soul.

New Earth: Meet your quantum self and align with a future timeline that resonates with your highest potential.

The Integration Lemurion wisdom, guided by the spirits of shamans, druids, and elementals, will assist in grounding a New Light.

You will receive a playlist where you can access all recordings and constantly activate yourself.

After signing up you will receive the links you access the material we will start 04.26

Any further questions please let me know

Blessings Grethel

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