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8 Steps to channel Light Language with ease

What is Light language?

To me it is a multidimensional Language, a high vibration energy language, written or spoken, that uses "letters", symbols and sounds in an assemic way.

It is not meant to be understood by our logical mind, but to completely bypass the mind and be understood at a heart and soul level, acting as a key to activate certain dormant aspects of our soul and our healing, at a holistic level. Where does it come from? The Source in you filtered through the wisdom of your Soul. 8 Steps Process:

  1. CLEAN - Get emphy, to have clear guidance & to be in a sacred space.

  2. CONNECT - Tune into the connection with the Source, go inward.

  3. COMMAND - your Invocation, who, why, how, when & Highest good.

  4. CREATE - Become the Conduct, the bridge, the way.

  5. CULTIVATE - Be willing to seed your Light constantly and at all times.

  6. COOPERATE - Drop your way and flow what it is, finding a middle way.

  7. CONTENTMENT - Feel satisfied what is, recognize what is good & trying.

  8. COMPLETE - go back to your center with gratitude for what you have received.

May it be helpful, in gratitude Grethel

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