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✨Abundance light Language Code & Guided Meditation to Activate your Light 💛

One of the things that human beings want is to be abundant but abundance is not something tangible that we can hold in our hands like a magnet.

Yet we can say, it is a frequency in which we can tune ourselves to become a magnet that amplifies and accelerates those desires of our soul to be able to manifest themselves physically.

But how does it work?

First, you have to remember that we are already abundant and that we are only going to claim what by right is ours.

You need to know that the change that our energy makes through these codes are designed to speak to your soul differently where your mind does not interfere so that it naturally learn with the help of meditation to change to the abundant frequency of being.

The code is visualized in your aura and you can add an intention to it or select the meditation of your preference, that is how simple it works and the more you use it, the more effective it becomes, you may become a creator with the inner god.

You already manifest and the only difference is that now, you will choose what to manifest with the help of your manifestation amplifier code.

LIGHT LANGUAGE - Downloading Plasmic light - Soul Activation

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Brian Sweeney

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