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After the Eclipse what to Do?

The eclipse has already passed and now we take stock of where we are and where we are going.

You feel it?

This full moon in Taurus, with the sun in Scorpio that illuminates the full moon in Taurus and which are a process where the light of the plain light is the light of the night. the light that rubs into the subconscious. Something that was hidden is revealed.

Well, let's say that that part that is obscured by the eclipse shows us something that we may not like. Signifying the grief of letting go.

Close the cycle and let go of that which was not what you thought and which is not for you.

The true alchemist will transform everything into Gold, even love into something new. So you have to finish letting go and know that everything that left is part of the recalibration.

And it shows us what is new that must be valued in that change in transformation dynamics where a new harvest is sown.

What to do?

As we release we can bring something new , so surrender to what it is and flow gently.

I am sharing a new video part of a starseed journey to for you to explore your universe.

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