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Arcturus Light Language

This Galactic image can awaken our Consciousness and Activate our Source Points as you meditate visualizing the Galactic code. The meaning is to remember that which you are – the more rapidly you will be able to adjust your vibration and attune to what you wish to create the code will help you to manifest more quickly as well. Spirit now wants you to know that Source is pouring forth support and nourishment from the Galactic Self, which is the space of total love almost that of a Cosmic Support. You are being asked to go deep within and activate our Galactic DNA, so as to deeply connect to yourSelf as Source at the level of Pure Love.

Align in a Arcturus light language vortex of positive energy and manifestation energy, as he guides you through a brief five minutes activation to Connect with Source and really set the energy for your day, allowing you to masterfully create the vibrant, abundant, well-filled day you desire. #Arcturus #Healing #LightLanguage #Meditation #starseeds

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