Atlantis codes

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

✨✨Atlantis alignment 🌟✨

You're in a transition stage, time to question yourself, what do I want? and what not anymore.

There is a place you can go to find what you are made off ....your heart

Steady down the line lose every sense of time and breath the light as you take all in and wake up that glow within

Allow the light of the soul to flow into your body and flows right through your blood and shine bright

Allow you wise soul to give you extra help moving to that stage where you'd be happiest, even leaving behind things you think so difficult today.

Best time to take an inventory about where you are abs where you want to go.

Wash away all heaviness take the blinds off a see how far you have to go

Remember’ Is ok no to be ok you are leaving the caterpillar to expand you wing and fly a above it all density

Atlantis ealing and love here.

Feel the love and immense sense of belonging here.

Much love. 💕

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