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Atlantis Light Codes

Atlantis Light Codes

There is a sensation about all falling down, or moving with out knowing where to go.

Everything is always about seeking harmony at the level of Creator, of all that it is, so you will be fine even when it all falls down.

Pulls and strings is a way to find a new Balance.

Falling down is a way to transform itself and is a huge and deep inner road of transcending the old, heavy, and shift into a luther road.

Yes, every situation even when we are going down a rabbit hole is a piece of the puzzle of Divine Orchestration.

Trust all is well

Even if the world feels falling, it’s falling into place, the place that reorganize us constantly as Higher Light.

Be mindful about the information you share, but also the one you received, our voice is a powerful way to seed beliefs and to align our mindset for the greater good or worst nightmare.

Shifting into a living awareness

Even if the world seems falling, you are supported by your Soul... legions of Angels are waiting to be at your assistance at any moment.

Tune in to the Light

Reclaim the sovereignty to choose the way you want to live and fall down being resilient and rise up like a Phoenix.


And remember even when all falls down YOU WIll BE FINE.

Short Atlantean Light Language I lenguaje de la Luz Atlantis | Aura Repair

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