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Dragon Light Codes

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

MY Guide drawing Valía

Honoring the synchronization and coherence of light codes

High love greetings from the Divine Masculine

From the Dragon Oracle I come and we come with gift from heaven my dear

In an embrace of light, I surround you with the light of the stars, the brightness of the moon, and the warmth of the sun at your feet where we are one in the divine light.

In a shower of light from the heavenly source, we have come to step forward now to help you do an act of contrition and reflect on the options, actions, and even challenges that turned you into the beautiful being of light that you are.

Honor how far you have come and recognized the wisdom of the universe in you

Honor all that you have learned, the wisdom you have acquired and that emanates from your words encoded in light

Honor your energy to live with an open heart by being the example of coherence between heaven and earth

Honor your loving heart and entirely new possibilities with love and joy in your heart.

Honor the synchronization of light and love with the will to live your life with an open heart ...

Listen to the guidance of your heart and honor your light with consistency by allowing everything that is happening in your life to be right.

Do not be overwhelmed with the collective, find your center of light in coherence with the divine plan

Trust the process, listen to your inner guidance ... with hope

Claim the blessings available to you at this moment now by integrating the lessons of your past ... being consistent with the divine light within you.

And embracing what is now with love and openness the coherence in the light

Honor to elevate, you are being the synchronization of light and the coherence of love in you

With so much love and blessings from heaven

Much love Valia

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