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God light prayer

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

✨New year prayer✨FreeService✨

Today we start a new cycle is 2021, so I’m sharing a guided meditation with God light codes to feel a taste of healing angelic frequencies to remove negativity in an instant love and relaxation.

~ Feel the abundance God light, energy and healing wash over your entire self.

“Dear God Light inside of me,

I ask that you accompany me during this new year.

And hold me with your light of holiness and guide my steps towards the Light.

With open heart to vibrate love.

Now more than ever humanity needs Light, we choose Hope, to Trust that God lives in everything and in everyone, also in that person or situation that creates fear in me today find a new pattern to shine

God light inside me enlightenment me to Trust that everything happens that situations require teachers to humans aware to make the best of myself and mankind to be transformed with god light

Beloved god light inside of me bath all my cells and my Physical body for me to vibrate in perfect wellness with and instant rectification of all viruses, parasites, bacteria, tissue, including all emotions and thoughts to be purity into your holiness

I command my body to become a sanctuary for god light today and constantly bringing equilibrium

Dear god light inside me to have Faith in all the experience I've learned all these years, trust my creative power, trust my inner light.

I decree all my god light to be recollected from source, all planes, all dimensions and forms and come to me gently with ease and grace grounding me into the crystalline core of the beloved Gaia in harmony resonance

Today more than ever god light inside of me shine brightly in my world to vibrate in high Love.

I command you, my god light to be activate in all my chakras, meridians and all planed as starlight to see through my fears, to reach beyond the greatest good for all.

May all my creations are rectifying in the highest god light I can shine through the eternity

May God light place me where I can be at service in divine order of my soul journey and at service of humankind, So be it.


Pass it on!

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