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Higher Self Connection Light Codes

LIGHT LANGUAGE to start 2022I Guided Meditation - Downloading Plasmic light Codes - Soul Activation - Higher Self Connection

There is a huge transformational energies pushing us to become the best version we can be....

Allow your light to evolve....

We are evolving to incorporate our higher self as a complementary energy that Represent our wisdom self.

Your Higher Self is your Divinity!

Frequently, when you are on the Ascension path, there is a battle that goes on between the self you once lived and the person you are unfolding.

The old self is pleased to be in the comfort zone and refuse to change.

However, the new you views dilemmas as challenges, knowing that with every problem comes the solution and is an opportunity to anchor a New Light.

All is well when you are in alignment with the New Light and light language is an easy way to tune into the new light and invite to higher self to guide you with ease and Grace.

May your light be a beacon of light in the world shinning brightly and effortlessly and so it is.

Shed a light!

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Sep 25, 2022

So beautiful sweet Grethel I Loveee it 🌈🙏🌈🙏🌈🤍💕❤️💓✨🤍💕🤍🤍

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