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How I can read a Light Code?

Let me Share with you what a SoulMap Code Reveal ✨

• Facts

• I did this for a client personalized and I create a separate energy containers for each person that would be in contact with the Code.

• Not all codes are shareable but when we n they are I blessed them to be in the Highest outcome frequency.

• The Colors revealed the original auric color. In this case we have Blue Ray and Golden Ray mainly. Which means this person has already ascended before.

• Each code and pattern will reveal encoded messages that when I draw them Images come to me mind or I see 2 second holographic images that I try to copy as much as I’m capable.

• Each code represents an Energetic container that was upgraded at the Soul level already. I just report what your own higher Guidance show to me to transfer to you as a point of Contact between your Higher self and you.

• This is a multipurpose, Mutable and Dual Code. Which means is can encode your intention, what Spirit what’s you to know and what every other light worker that feels inspired need in the highest outcome for all. It will have future revelations as encoded messages that May come to you.

• This Soulmap also can be use as your healing chambers where you can go during your meditation for healing and guidance.

• In General what other elements do you see in the code that reveal a reading? Share them in the comments.

• This Light Code also has a Message explanation that includes the following:

* Energetic Presence reading,

* Energetic reading of the Future adjustment in the line of life.

* Element to rotate, Change, Transmute to align with your best lifeline.

* Advice from your guides to resolve Situation.

* Answer a specific question.

* Intuitive reading of the Essence of the Soul.

* Intuitive reading of the External.

* Intuitive reading of the against - blocks.

* Intuitive reading of the to repair.

* Intuitive reading of what is in favor.

* Intuitive reading of the near future, social status, family and friends.

* Intuitive reading of hopes and projects.

* Ultimate guidance from your Higher Self.

Encoded frequency hold the publishing rights

• You can visit my Gallery of Codes at my Website.

With Gratitude to have the most amazing profession I could have ever done, Grethel 🫶

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1 Comment

So this is the algorithm that is used for creating light language arts? Now I can finally understand light language arts that have very powerful and deep energy which is not always "translatable". Thank you.

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