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How to read a Light Code?

Magical tool Light Code | How to use it | Guided Light Language Activation

This code was created to activate the power of healing on a quantum level.

The code of Light represents a physical image of what has already been done energetically by your spiritual teams. In this case, I am only the observer and the one who intuitively channels the image encoded with the language of light.

How to read this Light Code?

The hands show an expression of distant healing. which represents that the ability to heal and harmonize energy was updated from the blueprint of the Soul.

There are certain elements that accompany healing hands, sacred geometry, a portal, a medicinal jewel.

Which has two functions, you can visualize it on your forehead to open the third eye or in the throat like a necklace and open communication with the creator. In the center, the crystal represents the plasmic instrument through which beings of light assist in your process.

The activation can be visualized until you feel the connection with the creator and thus flow letting yourself be guided when healing.

Even though this code was specifically created for one person, can be also use to activate the healing power for anyone that requested through the assistance of their higher self.

You need to ask permission to receiver the activation and imagine you are those hands streaming healing in divine order.

Use your intuition! However I do have a meditation that can serve you and only take few minutes of your day.

Always trust your Inner Voice.

May this be helpful!

Light Language Realignment Meditation | You can find it on my YouTube channel @encodedfrequency

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