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Pleiades Light Codes & Light Language Meditation ~ Retrogradede ~ LightShip ✨

Pleiades Light Codes & Light Language Meditation ~ Retrogradede ~ LightShip ✨

Hello beautiful Souls,

The energy invite us you journey within with the 7 planes in retrograde starting today and until the 6th of October

Geez are you kidding me universe?

It’s all part of the divine plane and is an inevitable rite of the journey that is entirely worth sifting.

Dive into your own in inner Galaxy today

Where you can find a sense of wholeness within.

Feeling a sense of belonging to the Divine Plan.

I invite you to meditate. And Listen to the emotions stirring inside of you and bring light

You are being guided toward your own inner discovery.

I am sharing a light language transmission to Give yourself a beautiful positive mental boost as you drift off to sleep with greater ease through this gently Pleiades light language Ideal for those with insomnia and trouble sleeping.

These light languages will help you to build a new relationship to sleep.

The image us from inside a Pleiades lightship as you see yourself while you meditate the magic will spark love.

May the Stars shine through you, with love Grethel

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