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Pleiades Spirit Guide

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

M y Guide Drawing ~ Paul

Frequency Codes of Light

Greetings and Blessings,

I AM Paul. During this transmission, we are here through the Connection to Self, in a Circle of Light, streaming Light Language Codes that are communicated with and through the Heart.❤️

“Before we can be anywhere else, we need to know Where We Are Now.” said this magnificent Lion in my dream, growing in madness. In a way, I was breathless.

His Strength was his Signature. As I observed him, he was taking his time to interact with me:

In his own Compass...

In his own Timing...

In his Territory...

That reminds me of how important it is to Stand In Your Own Power, peacefully owning your ride. His voice was magnetic, even though the communication was Heart to Heart.

He stated, “When you Stand In Your Own Power, you become Unbreakable. Therefore one finishes your Light.” Then he peacefully roared, showing me his Power. I felt so tiny, but at the same time I was welcomed with his Heart. For moments I could not discern where I finished and he began.

While I just observed, the Energy was telling me everything. It was breathtaking, without raising any doubts. I just stayed there, admiring that Essence.

He walked around with me, showing me the scenery. For moments I was part of everything, and nothing. It’s hard to express. There were orange skies, twinkling stars, purplish earth beneath our feet, and very sparkling water that came from a waterfall near us. He stated...

“And the Language of this water swims...

Sing with the striking wind.

Dive into the madness of the ocean.

Dance with the twinkling trees.

Bloom with the magnificent flowers.

Feel the warmth of the powerful Sun.

Tune into the Language of your Planet in daily life.

Speak with other Humans from your Heart. ❤️

Just go much deeper...

Tune into the Harmony of Gaia and ground yourself there...

Feel at home whatever you are, wherever you are, because All You Are is All You Need.

You are uniquely beautiful.

Come to the realization of your Unique Essence underneath it all.

Go beyond and remain. You are Part Of This.

The Sun is shining.

Stand in your Essence.

Be your Own Unique Self before dawn.

Come straight to the Flow of All That Is...”

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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