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Self Love Light codes & How to read them

Let me show you This code is a healing chamber, the Intention it is Self love.

When I create it, I channel the Higher Self and I can observe the light codes on the spirit. Represent a sanctuary that aligns your consciousness when you activate it by your intention.

The code is multipurpose, which means it creates a separate container for each time directly from the source to you. The proposal is to align with the consciousness of Self love.

Imagine it as a protective sacred space, a space where you can return again and again for realignment. It's versatile, extending its grace to our loved ones. You can create separate light chambers to ensure everyone receives the abundance they truly deserve.

The Crystalline Ocean is a beautiful representation of fifth-dimensional consciousness, a constant flow of pure love. And this sacred geometry serves as a healing chamber, a place to tune ourselves to this stream of love.

To use the Light Code:

Visualize the code as a healing chamber, immersing yourself in its energies of abundance.

Extend this abundance to your loved ones by creating individual light chambers for each of them.

This code is your key to the ever-flowing stream of love and abundance. Embrace it, and let it guide you on a journey of prosperity, creation, and healing. Abundance is a gift meant to be shared, and these chambers ensure everyone gets what they truly deserve.

May it be a blessing

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