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Shinning light on your Shadow

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Morning everyone

Today I want to talk about Shadow and I share tips about how to understand it

The soul are there are beliefs that are so ingrained in us that they are part of our personality our light and shadow that we accumulated on the cicle of incarnation, some in this life someone others.

The soul is a technology made from our perception, and that perception creates a codex of the light

Those perception can have a positive or negative charge, the neural charge would be Source.

I believe the codes charge with negativity becomes our Shadow

And sometimes No matter how hard we try, we cannot get rid of it easily.

I believe our life purpose is entangled with our shadow, let me explain what I want to learn in this life that challenges me to grow and transcend my light brighter and higher reaching new and more light positive charge codes.

A code would be a light code if emanates sacredness and basically is creates by a love base frequency

So, how deviates from the shadow?

The shadow is the part of us that is left without light, that simple.

The shadow will follow us un every step and the brighter the sun the more it can be seen

it is not something bad, to be afraid of,damaged or cursed just look for light and love

But it can be rectified to be a code charged with a positive perception

Negative charge codes can feel heavy, sticky, the go slow and tend to stop moving until they become stagnant and create a block

Block is energy that was once in the flow and stop moving and does not allow the light to be filtered through anymore so becomes a shadow

Have you ever said things like "it runs through my blood", "it's impossible", "I don't deserve it", "it's part of who I am", let's understand and, by doing so, maybe we can transform it.

To redeem the Shadow and extract from the Soul what those myths and stories really are charge with negative perceptions

How do we integrate the shadow?

~ Give yourself time to feel ~ if you feel lonely, sad, angry or worried, don't hold it back, let yourself be felt and being vulnerable is part of you, so honor it

~ Understanding the Shadow ~ Talk about it, write it, listen to it and understand this shadow that you need to get closer to the light.

~ Sacred and Wise Time ~ understands that once the wound is opened and the reason understood, time will be the medicine that heals and that allows light to enter the wound. So be patient with your time.

~ Medicine for the Soul ~ Make a list of activities or spiritual practices that help your soul to align itself with the most complete and radiant light of love, take care of the food you need, the light and the love you need.

~ Work your Light ~ seek to be God in action, look for a pattern of behavior that helps you hold the light with strength, csndle gazxing, mefitacion, light lamguage, yoga, outdoor, bresthing exercises, reimi, etc.

~ Acceptance ~ See things as they are, don't make stress stress, find relaxation and know that all is well

If you need support this inspirational and powerful meditation with angels will assist you to shine light on the shadow

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