A Prayer when you wake up is a blessed day

The prayer of the Day - Code of light and encoded Frequency Music Meditation.

As I rise in the Morning I ask that I be guided, as I give thank s for all I will encounter today dear Higher self be active in me and send blessings upon all i will choose, feel, think, and create, I place it own your hands.

As I am you I ask that you remember me that you are me.

Today I put my intention while I close my eyes in prayer, I contemplate my being as a temple of the particle of God in each part of me, I honor it!

lift me up!

I feel how it is activated in the language of light and so I wish that the god in me is active in grace in my heart on this day and every day, for me and for all humanity let us flow in perfect love for the greatest and highest well and so be it.

That I can find another way....