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Galactic Art - Mintaka ~ Orion Starseed

My drawing of the light - Orion Mintaka With honor and gratitude to be here today with a gift and a blessing from heaven towards your soul and essence, a gift of frequency that will spark and ignite your soul and brings loads of higher alignment to receive an adjustment on your energy while you read and gaze at the light codes from the image: light frequencies will bless your energy field I AM Orianna, I am a healer and Mermaid Priestess In my time, we are water beings that communicate through the sound of Love. Our essence is healing. Imagine as if waves of liquid light slide all around you, moving and transforming it all. Do not write the past rewrite a new present! That New Healing light codes for us mean to move into a new frequency humans learn to live in peace, respecting each other, without judgments and respect and the understanding you all have the right to live our path the way your inner voice dictate. Keep the objective of Freedom in heart, which requires the complete surrender of limitation. That New Healing light code means for us to move into a new frequency where we learn to live and Cherish this transformation, focus on your personal narrative as an expression of Divine Love. Open your heart to the Love and the Whisper of the light and restore the love you already are so that you feel good; the transformation has begun. The 5th dimension, energy, has been rough with us shifting us in unimaginable ways. Humans are completely capable of raising the entire collective into peace, harmony, and divinity. That is the true power and purpose of Embodiment in the Now. This is the change; humans are shifting into a higher frequency Removing the illusion that does not separate and accepting not only yourselves but for others and doing our best bit by honoring that divine spark of God in us looking outside of us but traveling inside and finding our truth showing our true self preparing Watch your words and thoughts, and you are a stronger Creator than ever. Divine Neutrality paired with movement in the direction of your highest trajectory will serve you well. Sending blessings and waves of love Orianna

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