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Galactic Art Andromeda’s Galaxy

This Galactic Soul aligns with the Andromeda Galaxy, and Arcturus as the Essence of the Soul. This Soul is definitely a Starseed, with experiences from lives in Andromeda as Luminaries of the Starlight.

They are Keepers of the Portal that connects different Star Systems. In their Essence, they are Pure Starlight, sparkling Healing and Wisdom as Pure Source Connections. In this state, they embrace their Beingness. They are highly telepathic, and powerful when they are in physical form. Meditation is the best way to make contact, along with telepathically through the Language of the Light. Source Light Codes will come in the form of thoughts. The download is instantaneous.

This Soul has the primordial Essence of Andromeda and Arcturus. These two locations can interact in real time over any distance through the Oversoul. The Arcturus Essence is highly Angelic. They work to balance Polarized Waves of Sound, to merge them into one Harmonic Resonance that will create a higher reality for the Whole. This Soul also birthed the connection with Arcturus (Crown Chakra), aligned Psychic Gifts, Intuition, and the Channeling of Gods in Physical Form through the Voice of Intuition. As a Galactic, it has been journeying along the Milky Way Center (Admin/Galactic Federation) as Pleiadian, Sirian, Orion, Annunaki, Avian, and Procyonian. We can say overall, that at the Soul Level, this Soul is a Keeper of the Stargate Codes. Its job on Earth in the Physical is to heighten the Energy of Gaia ~ to upgrade the Ley Lines and Gates in Gaia. On that level, this Soul works in dream state with the Kingdoms of Gaia, especially the Dragons, to clear the Grid of Gaia. At the Soul Level, this Soul in Human form is an Engineer of a Grid of Light. Just by being in alignment, it opens a window aligning to Andromeda, to help Humans to ascend. Each and every thing in existence has its very own unique Vibratory Signature. Scientifically speaking, we can actually measure the Waves of Energy that form with anger, depression, abundance, value, happiness, joy, as well as the Vibratory Signature of every single thing in the known Universe. The Abundance Codes from Andromeda are incredibly expansive, and help to birth a whole new Foundational System of Energy and Vitality on the planet. In other Aspects, you have a Lyran Guide ~ very Angelic. SHe feels oraphim ángel , and is a Guardian of the Light, with gorgeous white hair and blue skin. We can say that he Patrols the Galaxy, and belongs to the 5th Dimension. SHe is the One from the drawing, and belongs to the Galactic Federation of Light. SHe has important projects in conjunction with other Races and Aspects of your Soul. You have a Sirian Guide, who is a male Alchemist. He looks very much like an Avatar to me, and has a blue skin tone and Humanoide form. They track timelines around the Matrix, and serve as Guides for many Beings around the Galaxy. Probably from him, you feel drawn to the Language of the Light. Other Aspects of your Soul are Diplomatic Souls from Pleiades. They are Mediators and Translators of the Language of the Light in agreements of Peace. Other Aspects are a White Lioness from Hydian, who feels like and Explorer of Worlds, Orion Royalty, a dark-skinned female, and many others who live in the Future of Earth as Leaders and Guides. This is their message: Greetings of Light and Love, We are the Andromedans, and we are honored to stand in your Divine Presence. Remember that by observing yourself every day, Full of Light, you become a Perfect and Unique Being of All That God Is. You will find that you are equipped to handle anything. Inside you is encoded everything you need. Remember that at every moment you Access Your God ~ the One Within. See yourself as a Being of Light at all times, and from Your Light Shine…Shine like the Sun. Recognize this Shining in the Sky, like a Stellar Being that is old on the Horizon of the Galaxy, that lights up as you tune-in to its Light. Know that everything happens in a moment. That in a second Everything Is, Everything Has Been, and Everything Will Be. In the Infinity of a Second, remember to Bring Your Light. In its Light there is only One Life, One Power, One Mind, and One Spirit of Universal Intelligence, Wisdom, and Judgement. It is with Your Light that you become an Infinite and Eternal Being ~ a Heavenly Being, Divine by nature. I know that this Presence moves in my Being as the Essence of What I AM. For this, Be Grateful, and Be In Her LIGHT. You cannot experience the fullness of your Authentic Self or your life when you live to avoid harm. You will never know the Joy of Love, or the Peaceful Satisfaction of Being Loved if you hide from the pain. with love and blessings, Your guides


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