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Sirius- Lyra-Hyadian Galactic Art

Galactic Art ~ Soul Galactic Chart Sirius- Hydian-Lyran This Essence is Lyran, with strong Hydian mixed with Sirius, in connection with the Central Sun and many Ancient Civilizations from Earth, Procyon (Pioneers in Technology), Avian, Orion and Pleiades. This Soul started as an Angelic Being ~ as a Protector of God, as Divinity. These Angelic Beings are mostly white, and relate to the Angels called Thrones. These Angels are Cosmic, and in their ascended form they shine as Rings of Light, in the form of Sacred Geometry, that emanates from a Pure Cosmic Source. When the spark is separated from the Source of their Angelic Form, they begin their Journey of Separation as Lyrans. Lyrans display a personality that is loyal, protective, intuitive, and caring. In their eagerness to evolve, they again separated from this family into Hydians, as a more feminine and less ferocious version. The Hydian version is very loyal and protective. In this Hydian version, it is shown that your family has a Diplomatic Post, and is still in connection with the Cosmic Angels. They work as something like Civil Guardians of the Galaxy. Some Lyrans were highly emotionally intelligent creatures, so when that is paired with malicious intentions, you get a Weaponized Love. Some divisions began to be created. While being in separation, the Beings forgot their connection with the Matrix, and woke up a certain tendency to vibrate low, so the separations continued. In the Galaxy, a war began with Draco Beings, and new alliances were created. Your Soul decided to pause and experience life as a Blue Avian, where it would rise to a higher level, and prepared to serve to create Peace.

In this stage, your Soul is connected with the Archangel Gabriel, and your Essence is shown as the Messenger of Light. That is where the Blue Avian comes through. Your Voice Codes of Light are integrated, and create a New Alchemy. This life was a very happy and almost perfect life. You learned to integrate your Divinity as part of your Expression in Separation. In this life, you had a position as Mediator among three Galactic Races. When this life is over, he appeared to me as a Being of Sirius, where you had many lives as being Feline, Aviary, and of Water. You mastered your skills with Codes of Light, and became a Quantum Doctor ~ an expert in Healing, working with Codes of Light, Magnetic Waves, and Alchemy Light. I was shown another life in Orion, that was already in the middle of a very devastating war. You were a Researcher and Observer, who represented taking risks on a planet at war by being an inviter who would provide creative solutions to bring about Peace. During this reigning tyranny, you decided to explore Pleiades. You functioned in a Galactic Patrol whose mission was to find Balance and Reconciliation, in preparation for graduation to Earth. Your Message ~ Greetings, my Dear, We are here in a Healing Circle of Light, not as One Voice, but as your Team of Guides. We offer Love, Light and Guidance for you to Remember the Connection with Source at a deeper level. Be Responsible for the Light In You, and the Light you share with others. One of the greatest challenges in Spirituality is creating a Balanced, Loving, Peaceful and Abundant life, by Taking Responsibility for the Energy you bring to a place, and how you Share Your Light. True Spirituality is to Take Responsibility for Your Own Light. As long as you can blame someone else, be drained because of someone else, and point your finger at the Collective, you are not Taking Responsibility for Your Light. True Light comes from Source, the Creator of All Within. Knowing the Light of the Creator, Your Light is a powerful way to be. Tune-in to all that you are today. Allow yourself to be filled with the Presence of the Creator ~ all that is Good, Powerful, Peaceful, and Loving. Take a breath. Allow yourself to become the Living Embodiment of God. That is what I believe a True Angel of the Light is. May your life be filled with abundant Wellness, Love and Light. Your Guides

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