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Galactic Art Venusian Earth Angel

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Soul Chart comes strongly influenced by Vega, Lyra and Venus in a trida where the masculine god (Lyra), the feminine god (Venus) and the neutral and Divine Spirit of God are represented. The highest aspect is Arcturian and the Angelic aspect comes as the Archangel Azrael bringing the attributes and qualities of responsibility, dignity, intuition and comfort. This aspect is connected with Venus as the Goddess of Divinity in contact with elemental nature and that is the aspect that appears in the drawing. Other aspectos are Pleiades, Atlantis, Sirius, Avalon, Andromeda and many future lives on New Earth.

This Venusian characteristic is a Being of Light with the aspect of a Galactic God that communicates with the Elemental Beings of crystals, plants, animals, light particles, drops of water, the luminosity of fire, life in oxygen and the magic of being that expresses itself in different ways to evolve into the god within.

When Gaia asked for heavenly help to evolve and be sentient being of light, this aspect of your Soul that belonged to the world of spirits with the name of Koza was part of the council sent by God himself as his representative and counselor of Gaia.

Gaia, for the grateful part of her, assigned her the position of spokesperson for the elemental kingdoms, this galactic aspect being a nature that was transformed into half elemental and thus being able to be the voice of the elemental beings as a goddess and guide.

She can be perceived in the canlization as elemental beings.

This aspect at the beginning of the creation of Gaia created certain circles that represented containers for elemental and physical beings.

Elemental beings are flexible, they can be represented as physical but are more like plastilin, where they change shape into a partially physical form.

The elemental beings have lived on the etheric level and in some moments of Earth were physical and participated in some ancient philosophies such as witchcraft, spells and druids and even mystical gods such as the Nordics and Greeks.

This apsect in the circle that is on the border where the beings of the Galaxy helped Gaia with frequencies directly related to the elemental kingdoms.

Some of the most active races that assist the elemental world are the Oiron, Andromeda with Gaia's energetic portals and chakras. Arcturus beings assisted with the consciousness of medieval plants and in some cases many of these plants have a galactic origin. Beings from Avalon and Venus help with animal communication and at the same time the celestial angels are very active.

The beings of Lyra, Pleiades, Annunaki and Sirius help with the energetic lines on Earth to elevate the archeotypes so that our reality rises, as they help the human collective in different ways, but the most common in ascending contact with humanity in channelings, meditation, the astral world and directly as spiritual guides.

As Human Beings we can connect with this sphere of assistance in which we receive guidance, healing, and spiritual help as when we connect more with Gaia and her own kingdoms.

her message...

GREETINGS OF HIGH LOVE! I am KOZA and I have come with Light in my Heart to illuminate yours.

To breathe LIGHT

There's so much happening right now on an energetic level as we move through this potent period in time. it is very important that you breathe and that you fill yourself with Life and radiant Light.

Let the Light guide you

On Earth comes powerful waves of Light and new Light Codes are flowing in ... and it will be important to be within the Light, breathing Light and integrating the new it.

Breathe to become present and receptive to the new codes of Light and ascent.

And then ... let the Divine Light guide you

Anchoring the Higher Light Codes is key, so swipe the LIGHT that comes from your Sacred Soul.

There's an immense power in anchoring the Higher Light into physical form in some way.

The Elemental Kingdoms of today invite you to breathe the Light and let yourself be carried away by the magic of life.

With high Love, Koza

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