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Galactic Art Lemuria

Lemurian Spiritual Guide ~ Galactic Art 

The essence from your Soul is aligned with the Goddess of Creation and the journey of Priestess in your Divine Femenine and in the Masculine Solar System Star Procyon, RA - Dragons of the Light that are the essence of the Soul,  which are connected with Centaurs, Dragons, Babylon, Egypt , Greece.  I couldn’t pick up the main race, you are almost everywhere.

 The highest aspect is however  Arcturian - ( a doctor DNA genetics specialist), Altair ( spaceship operator), Pleiades (Maia, Electra, Metope), and a Galactic  Diplomatic . Another important aspect was bringing a warrior to Atlantis-.

In New Earth is a contact specialist and in Sumerian  is a galactic advisor, as in Lemuria a healer  activation chamber.

Other important lives to mention are  Blue Avian - Wanderers Creators Cosmic Energies , hybrid humans in future Earth ~ enlighten co-creator bridge from contact with other races ( greys, humans, Arcturus and Pleiades).

Orion -  water being from Sirius Mintaka hydra Alpha Centaurs ~ Galactic activator.

The mission he comes to learn in this life is to commit to finding joy and overcome the habit of worrying about nothing.

Comes as a teacher of the world, focusing on the importance of love, nurturing and supporting loved ones.

This Soul is often called Master Planner and the energy is amazingly high. Also it has the ability to rewrite karma, and avoid battle, the more neutral he is the more balanced his life will be. This image represents the beauty in his aura but at the same time is an image from Lemuria in one of the rituals honoring the Moon light, kinda sorcery times , lots of spells and magic. I could see the hair so long and glowing that almost felt like an extension of her. Her mind was so powerful that she could not only read minds, but also modified matter, communicate telepathically with any being and channeling spiritual guides for the Council of Elders. At the same time in her ritual where only females were involved they would rule the dawn and all night work, summoning the spirits of Gaia and siphoning higher guidance for the Council. Her name is Rose, her personality was so confident and strong I was amazed about the blazing energy pouring through her image in my channeling. I saw a lot of celebrations, it seemed they had many holidays in Lemuria and a joyful soul was the way to become powerful. This MU people was beautiful, wise, intelligent and very connected to Gaia in an amazing way, she came today to offer her support as your main guide and spiritual leaders that can teach you about Divine and the mysteries of the Universe . Drawing of the Light Lemurian Priestess, Mu You are a child of the Stars... remember that and let it Shine Brightly! Remember that No matter what you feel and what happened in your past you are a child of the Stars. Life will teach you to honor and respect balance between the starlight in you and your own earthly connection. There must be discords in order to achieve harmony, teaching you to transcend. No matter who you are and what you think you know or do not know, life will teach you to honor and respect balance. There must be discords in order to achieve harmony. No matter how much the self doubts,... take a deep breath and find the courage to step over and keep yourself in the Light Stay in the Light There must be darkness that propels us into Light. Light shows you the way Is the frigid cold night which teaches us to appreciate the sunrise. Beautiful thing happened in the midst of transformation into a shining Star. In the midst of a channeling situation, if you feel blocked, open up! Breathing bronca Light ! Ask the spirit to blaze you with LIGHT And remain open to your own flow. Allow yourself to open to being guided, supported and protected by the Universe. For all you know, what you are triggered by may be the very thing you've been healing and miracles will spark LIGHT in unexpected ways. Stay in the Light and appreciate the warmth dear child of the Stars

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