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Androgynous Pleiades Time keep Galactic Art

My drawing of the light - Pleiades Zia

Druid, Celtic, Nordic Gods, Atlantean priest, fairy, Sirius, Guardian of Earth, tree kingdom, Pleiades, Alcyone, Maia - timekeeper which means they can provide information about In Different timelines and track record of time and how variables ( choices ) can impact the path of the Soul.

I am Zia, my soul is feminine but I am a neutral gender in my timeline, I live in the star of Merope, in Pleiades. We are in the higher 4th dimension and we are transitioning to the 5th dimension. I can say that I have a stage personality, I am spontaneous and I believe in my power and wisdom. In our transition we have our mentors, they are wise, guardians of wisdom that help us open to our full potential of sin, we are comforters in our reality. To become a Guardian of Time in our reality, our goal is to become deep guardians of wisdom, God's judgment, and experience. A time keeper can open a door, a portal for astral exploration, to the past and future of the Over Soul realm. The guardians of time can be called. The gatekeeper has the appearance of an angelic light with holiness and grace. the temperance of a time keeper comes from starlight within bright light in the dark like sunlight at night. Temperance is a forceful spirit that offers hope, inspiration and guidance through the timelines and illumination of a dawn on a new path for the soul. Enigmatic guardian of the mysteries of the universe and the light to which it expands sustained as the empress in the Creator of all that nourishes and protects all creation. Today be the guardian of your love, the guardian of time and the emperor of your soul. He embraces everyone and lights the flame of starlight within and everything. We take care of you, protect you through time and space and the limitless eternity in infinity. You are loved and protected by the light of your soul, the keeper of time and guardian of light. Today and always with you Zia

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