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Arcturus spirit guide, Light Language Art and storytelling

this is a fragment of an akashic records story...Aeon it is an Arturian Guide that exists beyond the seven dimensions, a being of immeasurable frequency and wisdom.

Aeon isn't just a guide – they're like a bridge between realities, a conductor of the cosmic orchestra. Their journey begins as an Atlantean who learned from their mistakes, a beacon of hope from the Pleiades, a rebel spirit from Proxima Centauri, and even a connection to the enigmatic Anunaki.

Aeon's journey of growth, redemption, and service created this radiant core of wisdom that transcends time itself. Their frequency is so high that they can traverse the corridors of time, guiding each of these incredible spirits in their pivotal moments.

Aeon's mission isn't just to guide, but to heal, uplift, and bring harmony across the tapestry of existence.

Aeon's connection to Aric, the one from Atlantis, is like a mirror reflecting transformation and redemption. To Lyra, Aeon serves as the embodiment of resilience and the fulfillment of a promise. To Zephyrith, Aeon is the living embodiment of unity and interconnectedness.

As Astraia stands against the Anunaki, Aeon represents the power of choice, reminding her and all souls that darkness can be transformed into a force for good. To Vega, Aeon embodies the guiding light, the very essence of positivity and unity.

Together, these incredible spirits, united by Aeon's guidance, weave a cosmic tale of growth, redemption, and service. Aeon's wisdom transcends the limitations of dimensions, serving as a bridge between the fragments of existence.

Their presence weaves threads of harmony, and their journey is a beacon of hope, reminding us that no matter how fragmented or lost we feel, there's always a higher frequency of wisdom that can guide us back to the path of healing and purpose.

I hope you enjoy this fragment. If you feel guided you can find more stories in my blog. or order yours on my store.

With Gratitude Grethel.

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Aug 18, 2023

like if the way we walk let something alive still when we are gone other places

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