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3 things you want to know to find ease in your Ascension

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Our reality is changing. It's a lot to handle, but we can do it!

The universe is opening up to new frequencies, and we're being called to evolve into new beings.

This can be scary—we've gotten comfortable with the way things have been, so it's hard to let go of old structures and move into new ones.

But if we stay in the flow of these shifts, the Now will be beautiful! It's like giving birth: there's pain involved, but afterwards you get something amazing that you never could have had any other way.

Here are some tips for moving into this new reality in harmony with the energies of creation:

1) Be present with any discomfort as necessary change happens. Change is always uncomfortable at first, but if you avoid it now, your body will suffer more intensely later on.

2) Focus on your breath and body awareness; don't try to force anything or control the process—just let it unfold naturally in its own time.

3) Take steps toward Infinite expansion by releasing finite systems that no longer serve you or your highest good (they may look like relationships that aren't working out anymore or jobs where you're not happy).

I invite you to with that peace, to meditate and reconnect yourself and transmit it to someone else.

However, healing them with the meditation, as light language fills us, is a really beautiful way to feel. Cleanse your heart Chakra with me. 💖

I’m sharing the most viewed meditation from my channel and I’m sure it will filled your day with soothing gentleness.

You will find this meditation in my YouTube channel @encodedfrequency

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