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11.11 Gateway

The 11:11 portal is a huge gateway for manifestation

Where I am but most importantly where I am going and what I want to become.

It is a portal to grow your soul by merging with the light of God while the energy increases creating a synergy

The 11.11 will be a huge Heart activations to awake your loving heart, that acknowledges what you have already given or done is enough activating higher self consciousness that comes through the heart chakra

Even though the collective feels messy all is working on divine plan.

You were design to be YOU , this time was designed to help you to become a master and one way or another is working to recalibrate your light.

What you are doing is enough! And need it, your light need it!

This is not something anyone else can Validate for you, you are an important piece in this awakening

You must know you are a miracle, light of God In human form, isn’t that amazing!

When you acknowledge you are a living God, you recognize all is well

What wasn’t done or accomplished at the end of the day, it didn’t need to be done.

In the synchronization of God, all is in harmony when it needs to be.

What you give is worth it and can not be taken casually, what you are and have must be honored

Every exchange is in harmony when you recognize all is well

What you give comes back to you in millions of ways

Giving without receiving doesn't prove anything except that you realize how to put up with the purpose, the purpose of honoring the God within

Let God be God and lead you in the highest evolution of your soul

To be cosmically Aligned with Abundance, Live and light.

Today, I invite you to prepare your light to the highest outcome for today in preparation for the 11.11 portal. I am sharing a soothing Light language guided meditation from Pleiades which is soft, gentle and pure heart flowing light

The tranquil light language waves release energy each time they meet with the shore.

This guided meditation is encoded with Affirmations to uplift you vibration and Meet your breath in the same way as you Release negativity and breathe in only positive vibes.

You are invited to Relax, rekindle and revisit the positvity within you.

This guided meditation will take you to heavenly clear your chakras and bring light

Shed a light.

Healing affirmations & Light Language Guided Meditation

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