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How do you see when you third eye it is open? Let me share my experience.

I'll tell you what it looks like when my third eye opens. ( can be different for everyone ) During a healing session with my client.

My third eye opens, everything blurs first and then a whole spectrum between light and dark. I see in different ways and one of them the light is on a spectrum from copper to gold and is more visible the darker it is around.

I start to see different images in a snapshot of a second in a metaphorical way. Which you have to interpret with your senses and with time and practice you become efficient. I see how light came out of my client's and mine's mouths and intertwined creating patterns that seemed to dance.

What was being released during the healing only faded between the lines of light that my client and I co-created in a healing chamber. The truth naturally and effortlessly darkness finds balance when the healer. It anchors the high frequency in the connection where the resonance guides the patient to decide to heal.

I do not consider that I heal anyone or any healer, it seems to me that we are the complement for a client to heal. Vibration is what HEALS! The technique only allows us to reach the vibration where healing is possible.

This drawing that he created for a client seems to me to resemble the exchange of light between each word thought or said.

With Gratitud Grethel


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