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Angels on Earth - Higher Self - Activating Higher Heart


Angels on Earth - Higher Self - Activating Higher Heart - Called her Serene.

Throughout my experience making mainly Galactic akashic records I have learned that there are different heavens and different archetypes of God and how it is organized. All valid according to the spectrum in which the soul is anchored in its timeline.

This is the story of this Soul, one of many, that separates from the source of a mixture between the lineage of the Archangel Michael and Raphael representing the knowledge of God and the healing power of God.

In this case, he represents the guide of his teacher, the archangel Rafael, who is anchored in your heart now and if you imagine yourself in the image and breathe in your heart. The image will come to life by simulating that you are there. Serene who represents the calm and peace of love can enter your space and help you remember your true essence.

The energy of the stars will mix with the celestial energy to shine emerald green. green light that as stella comes to form a mandala in your heart, brightly glowing all blocks will soften, all energy stagnant will align to give and receive love in reciprocity.

as you activate your mandala a Golden crown will be placed in your mind to find ease and merge with the heart and Serene and you become one in the oneness of all you are, have always been and potentially become.

Love is a constant state of becoming even when it feels as if it is blocked. You are being supported to have the illusion as if it can not flow when it is reality. You can not be separated from love! Because you are Love!

Remember you are a star that from the sky wanted to see herself down looking up and see its own magnificent. Wings need it to be hidden on a flare of light that can be felt and sometimes seen if you are really open too.

Now your heart grows wings that wrapped you in angelic codes and higher tones of love to soothe the ride and align the sparkle of Divine with ease and Grace.

Serene is your heart, Serene holds you and is who you are...

With love, Love that in the name of God called itself Serene Heart!

Blessings from your angels.

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